Exilis RF: It Works, But How?

Here at Glo de Vie, we place great importance on treatments that work to bring about the results our clients desire most.  We work with cutting-edge technologies to yield the best possible aesthetic outcome. Exilis Radio Frequency treatments are a top favorite among our clients as well as our staff.  And when you hear phrases […]

But Do You Use Them At Home?

We offer a wealth of professional-grade products here at Glo de Vie, from the Glo Skin Beauty and Revision Skincare lines.  These products are more concentrated, more specialized and more powerful than what you might find at a drugstore or a big box retailer.  But are they truly worth the investment? To answer that question, […]

Which Laser is Best for You?

Here at Glo de Vie, we love having the opportunity to offer a wide variety of customizable treatments and plans.  We have the treatments, and combinations thereof, to make your complexion look its most stunning. With the extraordinary popularity in recent years of our Clear + Brilliant mini-fraxel laser, and the re-introduction of our IPL treatments, you […]

The Slow Glo

In our last blog post, we discussed The Quick Glo — the instant-gratification treatments we offer that get your skin glo-ing the very same day.  So, what’s The Slow Glo?  These are the treatments that have long-term payoff as well as short-term.  Grab a drink, have a seat and get comfortable while we take a closer look! […]

The Quick Glo

Got an event coming up in the next few days?  Or — yikes — an event coming up **tonight**?  Here at Glo de Vie, we offer a wide variety of treatments to help you look your best.  And, several of those treatments can take their effect the very same day, downtime-free.  Here they are, in […]

Got an Event? We’ve Got a Plan!

Something big is coming up for you this year.  It might be a wedding, a class reunion, or a very important birthday.  Naturally, you want to look your very best.  So, what’s your plan? You might have time set aside in your schedule to make logistical preparations, get some exercise, find the perfect thing to […]

Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer in the city!  Summer at the shore!  This is vacation season.  But no matter where you spend your summer vacation, your skin will likely feel and show the effects of the weather.  This time of year, everyone provides a list of what you need to take care of your skin in the heat of […]

Your Acne Scar Toolkit

Some scars can be a source of pride, a remembrance of a battle you’ve won.  That said, no one wants reminders of their battle against acne.  Scars from past acne breakouts can detract from an otherwise clear and luminous complexion. What can be done to diminish the appearance of facial scars, such as those left […]

Guys Can Glo, Too!

Men.  Fellas.  Dudes.  Husbands and fathers and sons and granddads and uncles.  Boyfriends and even BFFs.  The men in our lives mean so much to us, for all that they are and all that they do. It’s a sad (and hopefully changing) reality that men are often taught to stoically bear great challenges on their […]


Late Spring, just at the doorstep of Summer, is a season of potential.  It’s a brief and beautiful seasonal cusp that’s just warm enough, with more fireflies than mosquitoes, and thoughts of what plans to make for the longer days. We prepare for festivals, graduations and the first outdoor parties of the year.  And we prepare for […]