Botox for TMJ? We can do that!


If you have been diagnosed with TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder, often called TMJ in reference to the joint), chances are you need no explanation of how disruptive the pain?can be. ?While there’s no one single cause for TMD / TMJ, it can often be a result of joint and/or muscle dysfunction in the jaw area, be it via arthritis, whiplash-type injury or the by-products of stress — such as clenching or tensing the jaw muscles.

In the case of TMD / TMJ caused by muscle tension, we can help. ?Our Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Gallagher, possesses the qualifications and expertise to address the area with Botox in an effort to relax the?masseter muscle?and thereby diminish the pain.

The average dose for TMD / TMJ treatment is 50 units, though this will vary from person to person (Amanda can give a close estimate?during a consultation). ?The treatment can last just as long as a treatment for the?forehead would: up to 4 months. ?The more frequently the area is treated, the longer the results between treatments will last. ?And just like Botox treatments elsewhere in the face, the injections will take fullest effect after about 7 days.

Always be certain to have your physician?diagnose any pain issues, and the possible root cause, to better deduce which treatments will be most effective for it. ?For muscle-related TMD / TMJ, we are happy to help! ?Contact us at (919) 510-5919 for a free consult, to discuss whether Botox for TMJ will be your answer?for pain relief.

For more information about TMD / TMJ, click here:?Web MD: TMD

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