Bring Your Friends!

Whether I have friends visiting from out of town and wanting to treat themselves, or local friends who wonder where to go for skin treatments and products, I always bring my friends to Glo de Vie. ?I can attest to the quality of what Glo de Vie offers, because I know our staff so well, and because I have tried some of the treatments too.

While we use and appreciate various methods of getting the word out — local publications, social media, the website itself — there is nothing as effective as a personal referral. ?It usually comes from a trusted source, someone who thinks in your best interest as well as their own. ?Word of mouth speaks the loudest, especially for a privately owned and operated business.

Glo de Vie benefits from these referrals, and at Glo de Vie, our clients benefit from them too: When you refer a new client to Glo de Vie, we create a $50 Glo Rewards gift card just for you. ?The card is not a discount; it is treated as cash and can be used in conjunction with a discount if you wish. ?When you refer friends, please remember to ask them to cite you as their point of referral (so we know for whom to create the gift card). ?In fact, we make the process even easier: On your next visit, be sure to take a VIP card or two. ?These are cards on which you can write your name, before handing them to friends you refer. ?Then the friend simply hands that card to us, and we know who the point of referral is. ?The $50 Glo Rewards gift cards are created and sent at the start of each month.

Glo de Vie is the preferred spa to refresh and unwind. ?Why keep it a secret? ?We look forward to seeing you again, and to meeting your friends!


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