But Do You Use Them At Home?

We offer a wealth of professional-grade products here at Glo de Vie, from the Glo Skin Beauty and Revision Skincare lines. ?These products are more concentrated, more specialized and more powerful than what you might find at a drugstore or a big box retailer. ?But are they truly worth the investment?

To answer that question, we offer a look into the skincare routine of our Blog Author and Social Media Technician Heather Bowler (yes, that’s me!).

I’m a mix-and-match type of person when it comes to products. ?I’m not wedded to a single line; I’m just after quality ingredients that work the best. ?Our featured photo above spotlights three products that I use daily, all of which are from Glo de Vie:

  1. Glo Skin Beauty Calming Flower Mist: This sensitive-skin toner is available through Glo de Vie. ?It’s not an item we carry on the shelf, but we are always happy to special-order it for you. ?I discovered it during a visit from a Glo rep when the Sensitive Skin line made its debut. ?It was a tough morning, and my sensitive skin was flushing red from trying to deal with stress. ?I tried the rep’s tester of the Calming Flower Mist — and my skin felt better, with diminished redness, within seconds of using it. ?These days, I use it as an extra moisture boost before applying moisturizer and sunscreen, and whenever my skin needs to cool down (especially after exercise or a crazy morning).
  2. Glo Skin Beauty Oil-Free SPF 40+: I have been using sunscreen in my skincare since I was about 15, before it became a mainstay. ?This was back in the early ’90s when it was a new trend. ?Fast forward 20+ years later, and at the age of 40, my skin is looking great! ?Sun protection has improved, and my own routine has followed suit — I switched from SPF 15 in my teens, to SPF 30, and then to our SPF 40+ a couple years ago. ?I can see the difference in my skin, in the form of more even tone and fewer areas of dry fine lines. ?That extra protection makes the difference.
  3. Teamine Eye Complex by Revision Skincare: I have used various eye care products with peptides and other advanced moisturizers. ?And they worked well, but none as well as Teamine does for me. ?In addition to all-star ingredients such as peptides, grape seed oil, green tea extract, Vitamin C and sodium hyaluronate, Teamine contains Arnica Montana, an ingredient often used as an anti-bruising agent. ?It is, as I have found, a standout ingredient in the fight against dark circles.

Which of our products will become your daily favorites? ?Contact us to arrange a free consult with one of our Medical Aestheticians. ?Let’s talk about the difference that specialized, quality products can make! ?(919) 510-5919.

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