Medical Peels Available at Our Med Spa Convenient to Cary

If you?re looking to fight aging and renew your skin, Glo de Vie provides our clients with custom medical peels convenient to Cary, NC. Our peels address acne, uneven skin tone and texture and fine lines, while revealing skin that?s refreshed and rejuvenated.

Glo de Vie?s Medical Peel Menu

Glo de Vie offers our Cary-based clients a variety of medical peels that will make your skin glow and look younger, fight acne and balance discoloration. Learn more about the face peels we provide below, then allow our team of knowledgeable medical estheticians and our board-certified nurse practitioner help you select the best peel for your skin.

The Ageless Glo Peel

Turn back the clock with our Ageless Glo Peel, a maintenance treatment to diminish the effects of time by enhancing the skin?s overall appearance. Your skin will look youthful and revitalized with the help of this glycolic peel that loosens and removes debris.

Vibra Peel

Combining Vibradermabrasion on the face, neck and chest, with an enzyme peel, this peel is the most aggressive of our peels. While it?s a perfect ?pick me up? for tired skin, it is not intended for sensitive skin.

Revitalizing Glo Peel

A medium-strength Jessner peel, the Revitalizing Glo Peel uses multiple peeling agents, penetrating deeply into the skin, and resulting in greater exfoliation of the outer skin layers. This peel is especially effective for skin with acne scarring, moderate wrinkling, sun damage and skin discoloration. Your skin will be revitalized, smooth, fresh and youthful!

The Perfect Derma Peel

A Glo de Vie client favorite! Achieve a smooth, clear, elegant complexion within days with The Perfect Derma Peel. Skin will experience peeling for three to six days after treatment, revealing unprecedented clarity and brightness after day seven.

Treat Your Skin to a Medical Peel at Glo de Vie Convenient to the Cary Area

To reveal skin that?s youthful and glowing, schedule a medical peel at our leading med spa convenient to the Cary Area. If you have questions about the right medical peel for your skin or would like to receive a complimentary consultation, contact Glo de Vie today.

Glo de Vie is a boutique med spa for men and women, providing medical peels and other medical spa services to Cary, NC and surrounding areas.