Exilis Fat Melting: From A Converted Skeptic

“What area would you like to work on?” ?she texted me.

“The backs of my hips,” I texted back, “because I can’t suck those in!”


A couple summers ago, we were training a Medical Aesthetician on our Exilis radio-frequency devices. ?When I started my position at Glo de Vie, Exilis was explained to me, and I (secretly) found it hard to believe that this fat-melting technology could actually work. ?But our clients were thrilled with the results and kept returning for more. ?So when a training subject was needed, I volunteered to come in early before my work shift.

I followed the guidelines to drink extra water the day before and the day of treatment, which makes for a more comfortable sensation from the RF heat that’s applied and also helps the treatment to work. ?Here’s the science that made the concept more plausible to a skeptic like me: The deep, localized heating causes destabilization of the walls of fat cells. ?Once destabilized, they no longer serve the purpose they once served to the body, and the body expels them via the lymphatic and then excretory systems. ?Hence all that water — you’re literally sending those fat cells on their way.

Right after the treatment, the area was red, but that didn’t last. ?I got dressed and began my shift: no pain, no lethargy, nothing that stood in the way of my day. ?I couldn’t tell if there were immediate results, as I was wearing an A-line dress — not constrictive around the hips at all. ?But a couple days later, when I put on my jeans, there was an unmistakable difference in how the waistband rested in the back! ?Claim confirmed!

That was just one treatment, and I would have loved to complete the recommended regimen of 4-6 treatments. ?Unfortunately, I now have metal in my body — in many though not all cases, Exilis is contraindicated for clients with metal in the body, apart from dental work. ?That said, I’m glad to have had the chance to experience firsthand what Exilis treatments can do, so I can inform clients of the great results they can enjoy.

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