Defy Aging with IPL Skin Rejuvenation in Raleigh, NC

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I have been to several ‘med spa clinics’ in our area, and nothing is comparable to the treatment I receive when I go to Glo de Vie. Extremely friendly and very attentive to my needs…They seem to have the latest technology for age-defying treatments to make you feel and look refreshed!

– Anne

IPL therapy is an FDA-approved method to dramatically reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, broken capillaries and unwanted redness on your face, neck and chest. This anti-aging treatment also improves skin texture and tone, and minimizes pore appearance, making you look rejuvenated and youthful. You’ll enjoy a fresher look with tighter skin, smaller pores and a clearer tone.

How Does IPL Work?

shutterstock_145382977IPL therapy uses pulses of polychromatic, high-intensity light to penetrate the skin’s surface and damage the melanin and capillaries. Once the skin repairs the damage, you’ll enjoy plumper, more evenly-toned skin.

We typically suggest three to six treatments, spaced about a month apart, to see the best results. This treatment works especially well for those with light skin who want to treat sun damage, redness and skin laxity.


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IPL Frequently Asked Questions

How does IPL work?

Photo-rejuvenation or intense pulsed light works to treat brown spots or age spots from sun damage and also diffuses skin redness. At our Raleigh med spa, Glo de Vie’s photo-rejuvenation uses the optimal wavelength of light to clear vascular and pigmented lesions by targeting the hemoglobin for vascular lesions and melanin for pigmented lesions. Once the light is absorbed, heat causes the lesions to break down and disappear over time.

What improves with IPL?

Our Raleigh IPL improves many areas of skin, as it:

  • Targets brown age spots from the sun

  • Reduces redness and blotchiness from spider veins and rosacea

  • Reduces pore size

  • Improves skin tone and overall texture

  • Promotes collagen synthesis to increase skin tightness

  • Brings about a healthy, youthful glow to the skin

Is IPL safe?

Our FDA-approved IPL is safe and effective for skin types I-IV. There are no long-term health hazards from IPL treatments, as IPL has been used for many years in medicine, surgery and aesthetics without adversity.

What kind of results can I expect from my IPL treatment?

There will be a gradual lightening and improvement of pigmented and vascular imperfections with each IPL treatment at our Raleigh med spa. Your skin tone and texture will improve, and pore size will appear smaller. Toward the end of the treatment cycle, the skin will typically look tighter and smoother.

How frequently will I need treatment?

Treatments are repeated every four weeks for a series of three to five treatments at Glo de Vie med spa in Raleigh.

How does the treatment feel?

The sensation is often described as a ?hot pinch? or ?snapping feeling.? The sensation only lasts for a fraction of a second, and warmth or tingling may be felt for a short time after. Many receive this treatment on their lunch break.

What can I expect my skin to look like after each treatment?

There is a temporary pinkness to the skin that lasts a short time after the treatment. There is no downtime, and many people return to work immediately following the treatment. Improvement in the pigmentation and vascular lesions is normally appreciated by the time you return for your next treatment a month later.

Who is a candidate for Glo de Vie’s Raleigh IPL?

Anyone who wishes to improve their skin by decreasing:

  • Sun damage

  • Aging skin

  • Pigmented or vascular irregularities

  • Large pores

  • Skin laxity

  • Uneven or rough skin

What parts of the body can be treated?

Your face, neck, chest, arms, hands and back can all be treated.

Are there any IPL pretreatment instructions?

Yes. IPL clients should avoid large amounts of sunlight, and SPF 30 or greater should be worn at all times. Skin should be clean with no lotion, make-up, sunscreen, deodorant or perfume before treatment.

Are there any IPL post-treatment instructions?

Yes. Avoid the sun and apply sunscreen to the treated area following the treatment. Do not irritate the treated area chemically or mechanically for several days following the treatment. It’s normal for dark spots such a freckles or age spots to become darker or have a red halo for several days. The spots may develop a crust and flake, or they will fade in color. The next treatment can be performed in three to four weeks at our med spa in Raleigh.

Glo de Vie offers Intense Pulsed Light therapy at our North Raleigh med spa. From our North Hills location, we serve clients from Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and throughout North Carolina.