Feeling Flaky? Time for Vibraderm!

Here in the Triangle region, Winter is leaving with a bang. ?This week, we’ve seen lower temperatures and heavier freezing precipitation than we’ve seen all season. ?All this results in a bothersome side effect (apart from cabin fever and some bizarre grocery runs): dry, flaky skin. ?You might be seeing flakes, or simply some increased bumpiness, due to poor cellular turnover in these dry conditions.

That’s where Vibraderm comes in: it’s a form of mechanical (as opposed to chemical) exfoliation. ?Vibradermabrasion involves the use of a small textured paddle moving very rapidly over the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and leaving only a silky smoothness behind. ?It’s helpful in conjunction with a Classic Facial or before Laser Genesis, as Vibraderm’s removal of dead skin cells helps the skin benefit fully from product application and/or a laser facial treatment. ?Vibraderm has the added benefit of giving your skin’s collagen network a boost, which helps the skin look healthier and more refreshed overall by increasing elasticity and firmness.

Maybe your facial skin is faring well this season, but how about you arms or decollete? ?Vibraderm can help — it can be used almost anywhere on the body where you need some extra exfoliation. ?It’s an effective add-on for our back facial, too.

What makes Vibradermabrasion different from Microdermabrasion? ?The goal and the end result are the same: exfoliated, smoother skin. ?But with Vibraderm, neither granules nor suction is involved. ?And thanks to the absence of suction, there’s a significantly reduced likelihood of broken capillaries following the exfoliation treatment.

We’ve all had enough of flakes this season, regardless of the type. ?Treat yourself to some rejuvenation with Vibraderm!

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