Guys Can Glo, Too!

Men. ?Fellas. ?Dudes. ?Husbands and fathers and sons and granddads and uncles. ?Boyfriends and even BFFs. ?The men in our lives mean so much to us, for all that they are and all that they do.

It’s a sad (and hopefully changing) reality that men are often taught to stoically bear great challenges on their shoulders, asking for no rest or care when they need it. ?But, here at Glo de Vie, we know that the men in our lives deserve to feel as attractive, youthful and stress-free as anyone does. ?A healthy, positive view of oneself is not reserved for only one gender. ?We all have a right to feel that we are at our best, and to love what we see in the mirror.

Is there a man in your life who recently received a gift card and seemed a little puzzled by it? ?Are YOU that man? ?Let’s talk a little about what a visit to Glo can do for you.

Injectables: Why is Botox such a wonder product, anyway? ?It can relax signs of stress around your eyes, it can relieve the tension of TMD / TMJ, and it can even put the brakes on excessive underarm sweating. ?And, our Kybella injectable treatments can diminish the look of a double chin, making you look both trimmer and younger.

Laser Treatments: Look to Laser Genesis to help with the look of large pores, redness, and acne scars — all with no obvious evidence you’ve had a treatment that day. ?For uneven skin tone and pigmentation issues, Clear + Brilliant Lunchtime Fraxel can help. ?And if there’s an area that’s always irritated by your razor (the front of the neck, for example), a series of Laser Hair Removal treatments can reduce hair growth so your skin can stay calmer.

Exilis Skin Tightening and Fat Melting: Men love it for the very same reasons women do. ?Looking a couple inches trimmer in the waist, and looking a little firmer around the eyes and jowl area, is easier than ever and pain-free.

The Back Facial: Log a little chill time while we address back breakouts, cleanse thoroughly, and help to improve the overall look of the skin on your back.

Guys, Gentlemen, Hombres, we love you. ?Come on in, and look and feel your best! ?(919) 510-5919.

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