Late Summer is You-Time!

There’s a unique phenomenon in this region of the country, a time when two seasons scoot in close and vie for space on the calendar. The weather is still hot and breezy, but without the humid weight of stickiness in the air. Evening fireflies are gone, and butterflies roam by instead. A few leaves have decided to call it quits early and drift down, hinting at what Autumn will bring. ?Late Summer? doesn’t quite seem to describe the gentle beauty of this mini-season.

With the change in weather comes a change in how we spend our days. Travel plans have become travel memories, while students and parents alike ease into new schedules. And with a literal breath of fresh air from the outdoors, we anticipate a figurative renewal, an opportunity to reset our regimens and start with a clean slate.

Now is the time for a little you-time. Each year, right about now, we look forward to seeing our clients who have been on hiatus and are now ready for a refresher. We’re always happy to chat with you about which treatments will benefit you most effectively, and help you feel renewed in anticipation of a new season.

We look forward to being part of your Late Summer, and helping you prepare for your Autumn!

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