Lumiquin is here!

Our aestheticians were recently researching new products for us to use and offer. ?They found an item from the?Revision Skincare line that piqued everyone’s interest: Lumiquin Hand Brightening Treatment.

Lumiquin brightens skin and minimizes the look of imperfections. ?Its brighteners are combined with ingredients that enhance skin’s moisture level, making skin look smoother and more even. ?It’s not your average hand cream, and that’s good news: this brightening treatment works in conjunction with hand moisturizers you already use.

Skin care for hands can be a challenge: either it goes by the wayside, or efforts are compromised just?from the use and washing of our hands. ?And that’s why Lumiquin was designed?for use before bed, when the product can stay on hands for several hours and deliver optimum benefits. ?Simply wash your hands and apply one pearl-sized drop onto the back of each hand before bedtime. ?You can still use your standard hand cream during the day. ?For optimal?results from your Lumiquin treatment, apply a sunscreen to your hands during?daylight hours.

Lumiquin’s brighteners include a very pure form of Licorice Root Extract; Diacetyl Boldine (derived from the Chilean Boldo tree); and THD Ascorbate, a highly bioavailable (and therefore easily absorbed) form of Vitamin C. ?However, Lumiquin is hydroquinone-free. ?The “quin” in the Lumiquin name refers to the treatment’s Quinic Acid Esters. ?They are powerful antioxidants, derived from a Resurrection plant native to the desert areas of South Africa. ?Extract from this plant minimizes stress-related signs of skin aging. ?For more information on this plant’s benefits, click here:?Myrothamnus flabellifolia extract.

And for further information on Lumiquin Hand Brightening Treatment, including before and after photos, click here:?Lumiquin.

After a long and very sunny summer, we’re glad to have found a treatment that helps our hands look smoother and brighter. ?Chat with us anytime about Lumiquin, or any of the products we offer — we are happy to answer questions!

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