Need “Me Time”? Schedule it!


Things We All Know, Number One: We love the people in our lives and want to be sure their needs are met.

Things We All Know, Number Two: We need to give ourselves adequate care, as well.

Why is that second thing so tough to do?

A quick search for “time for yourself” confirms that self-care is definitely part of the?national conversation. ?Our logical minds understand the important physical and emotional wellness benefits of making sure your own needs are honored. ?So what holds us back?

At times, we might feel guilty for trying to carve out time that’s not devoted to a person or cause we love. ?We might feel like we’re abandoning responsibilities, or that we will be much happier if we just take care of that one additional thing on the to-do list. ?Maybe a not-so-rational part of us believes that we’ll get hooked on me-time, and never want to come back to the things that make us feel helpful, responsible and well-rounded.

In response to this fear, we suggest: Schedule me-time! ?With a designated date, start time and end time, your “appointment” for self-care is easier to honor. ?It’s a means of making yourself a priority, in clear terms, and right on your calendar. ?And, you can make subsequent appointments at regular intervals to keep?a steady me-time regimen.

Your loved ones will be happy you did!

Are we part of your me-time plan? ?Call ?us, email us, or come by. ?We are?glad to be a component of?your care regimen!

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