Our Injectables At A Glance

One of the features that differentiates a medical spa from a standard spa is the performance of treatments by a medical professional. ? ?Here at Glo de Vie, it’s our menu of injectables treatments, performed by Nurse Practitioner Amanda Gallagher, that helps distinguish us as the Triangle’s premier medical spa.

We work exclusively with products from Allergan, whose quality we trust. ?Thanks to Allergan’s ongoing research and specialized product development, we have recently expanded?the collection of injectables treatments we offer.

Following is a list of the injectables treatments that currently comprise our menu — some are familiar favorites; others are innovative new releases — along with the issues they address and links to further information.

BOTOX: Botox Cosmetic relaxes muscles in the brow, forehead, crows’ feet and glabellar regions, in order to diminish the appearance or formation of fine lines and wrinkles. ?It can also be administered to underarms to fight hyperhidrosis, and to the masseter muscle to relieve the discomfort of TMD / TMJ. ?For more information, please see Botox at Glo de Vie?and?Botox for TMJ.

JUVEDERM: Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid filler that we use to improve the look of nasolabial folds and pronounced acne?scars, and can be used to enhance the fullness of lips as well. ?Similarly, Juvederm can provide an improved appearance to the hands and earlobes. ?Please see Juvederm at Glo de Vie, Juvederm for Hands, and Juvederm for Earlobes for additional details.

JUVEDERM VOLUMA: Voluma is an filler that addresses age-related volume loss in the face. ?Results include a youthful lift and contour to the cheekbones, as well as an improved appearance under the eyes. ?We have more information available at Voluma at Glo de Vie.

KYBELLA: An injectable whose active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, Kybella is administered below the chin and breaks down the fat that contributes to submental fullness, also known as “double chin”. ?Find further details here at Kybella at Glo de Vie.

JUVEDERM VOLBELLA: Like our standard Juvederm, Volbella is used to enhance the lips. ?However,?Volbella is different in its level of specialization: it is designed specifically for use in the lips. ?Results include subtle, natural fullness; and diminishment of perioral rhytids, also known as “smoker’s lines”, around the mouth. ?We have more information at Volbella at Glo de Vie.

Each new addition to our injectables menu provides us with the ability to fine-tune and customize our treatments, with the aim of helping?you meet your aesthetic goals. ?Which ones interest you most? ?Contact us for a free consultation: (919) 510-5919!

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