Repeat Treatments: The Whys and Whens

Here at Glo de Vie, we emphasize the importance of a treatment regimen because it’s the best way to see thorough, consistent results. ?While great results are possible after a single treatment, coming back will yield the highest likelihood?of seeing a difference you love. ?The reasons, and the timing, vary from treatment to treatment. ?Here are the details, for some of our most popular requests.

  • INJECTABLES: For injectables such as?Botox?or those in the?Juvederm?family of products, re-treatment is recommended to maintain results because our bodies metabolize these products over a length of time. ?With Botox, that time is about 4 months, and for standard Juvederm, it’s about 1 year before re-treatment is recommended.? These time estimates will vary,?depending on your own unique metabolism.
  • LASER-BASED SKINCARE:?When it comes to laser treatments to improve the clarity and luminosity?of the skin, such as?Laser Genesis?or?Clear and Brilliant Mini Fraxel, the benefit of repeat treatments is largely connected to the activation of the collagen in your skin. ?These treatments promote the skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation, and so the results are cumulative. ?In most cases, your aesthetician will guide you to book your next visit in about 1 month.
  • LASER HAIR REMOVAL: We are often asked why repeat treatments are necessary for?Laser Hair Removal. ?The goal of a series of laser hair removal treatments is to treat the follicles during all three stages of hair growth. ?This accounts both for the repetition and the time span in between your visits — about 6 to 8 weeks. ?Again, your aesthetician will guide you on?the number of treatments that’s right for your hair area and density, and the specific number of weeks that need to lapse in between.

We at Glo de Vie always want you to feel comfortable asking questions about your favorite treatments, as well as soon-to-be favorites that you’re interested in trying. ?Call us! ?We are happy to provide more information, and to arrange a free consult. ?(919) 510-5919.

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