In recent years, great importance has been placed on multitasking. ?Ask anyone who has written a resume or attended a job interview, and she will tell you that “multitasking” has been a near-constant byword for efficiency, and a mandatory skill to list?in one’s self-description. ?As our daily lives are increasingly peppered with pop-up ads and sound-byte social media communication, it seems as though we take in?more information at once than we even realize.

However, multitasking is not really what’s happening at times like these. ?The human mind focuses?on one task at a time, and our attempts to multitask are in truth just a frenetic toggling back-and-forth among various tasks in succession. ?This counteracts efficiency rather than increasing it:?re-directing and re-focusing on several tasks results in each one taking longer and performed with diminished attention. ?Thus, more time elapses between starting a task and being able to finally check it off your to-do list.

There is new attention now on the idea?of “single-tasking” — taking one task through to its completion, maintaining focus on it?and finishing it to the best of one’s?true, un-scattered ability. ?At its completion, you can be certain of a job well done — and you can confidently check it off your to-do list that much sooner.

Single-tasking is a concept integral to our ethos at Glo de Vie. ?From the start of your appointment to the end of your appointment, you are at the heart of your practitioner’s focus. ?We have, in fact, elected not to offer aesthetic?technologies that would press our practitioners to work with more than one person at a time — because we value the quality of attention inherent in one-on-one, focused interaction. ?And at our?front desk, while there may be busy times or busy phones, you can rest assured that you are our priority. ?We will always work?to meet your needs and ensure your contentment.

For more information on single-tasking, please see the links below. ?And thank you, as always, for choosing Glo de Vie.

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