Skin Care Wisdom from Family

The nearness of the holidays has us thinking of upcoming family time. ?Recently, we at Glo de Vie chatted a little about the best skin care advice we have received from family members. ?This?tried-and-true wisdom has spanned generations, for the very important reason that it works!

Karie Banks: “I was told to always moisturize directly after the shower, and to either wash my face before or make sure to cool the water off a bit in the shower to avoid drying my skin out.”

Heather Bowler: “I?was raised by my mom and my grandparents, so I had two generations’ advice. 🙂 ?Grandma led by example, mostly preferring?high-performance skin care products to makeup. ?But the earliest advice I remember is from Mom, when I was little:?’Did you wash your hands and face?’ ?She taught me to wash in that order: hands had to be clean before they touched the face.”

Diane Dausch: “My Mother-in-law told me in my twenties that it is never too early to start using eye cream and SPF 30+. ?Smart woman!! ?Glad I listened 🙂 ”

Brittany Lawson: “My mom and sister (she’s ten years older) both would tell me that one day I would appreciate pale smooth skin rather than tan wrinkles. ?I loved the sun and being tan, but now I appreciate their advice! ?Oh, and your skin can never get enough water, stay hydrated! 🙂 ”

Natalie Morris: “My mom has always said that, no matter how late it is, to always wash my makeup off before bed. ?She says there’s nothing better than cleaning your face at night with a warm washcloth and going to bed with clean skin.”

Helen Pasca: “My stepmother told me to always take my makeup off at night and moisturize. ?No matter what time! ?Never go to bed without doing that! ?Drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and don’t smoke!! Lol”

We have built our own skincare routines on these important basics. ?Ready to build on yours, too? ?We can help with that! ?Give us a call: (919) 510-5919.

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