Take A Moment…

Edge of Optimist Park, Raleigh, NC. Copyright H. Bowler

Edge of Optimist Park, Raleigh, NC. Copyright H. Bowler

I started the day by taking my?dog for a walk. ?Being early on a Sunday morning, the neighborhood was peaceful. ?And being the start of November, the leaves are partway through their peak color.

I was treated to a moment unique to this season: I could her a rustle, followed by oak leaves floating down like slow-motion confetti. ?One of my neighbors was walking her dog, too — but she was watching her phone screen. ?Nothing against that; maybe she was waiting on an important text. ?But I’m fairly certain she missed the moment that, to me, is one of the highlights of Fall.

How often do we say, “Is it Fall/Sunday/November already?” ?We have the good fortune of leading lives filled with people and events and tasks we love, but the very things that keep us busy can also keep us from acknowledging those moments that mark the passage of time. ?Stealing (back) a moment, just a quick breather to be present and note your surroundings, can help you find your footing on those ever-flipping calendar pages.

The weeks leading up to end-of-the-year holidays always seem to rush by a little faster than we expect, and our planners become filled with appointments and events. ?It’s good to bear in mind that it’s a marathon rather than a sprint, and carving out time for yourself here and there will help with your endurance.

We would love to be part of the time that you take just for you. ?Contact us at (919) 510-5919 when you’re ready to arrange that break: the cup or coffee or tea in our lounge, the chat about what’s best for your skin, the treatment that helps to relax and renew you. ?And if you’d rather your moment feel more like a party, we’d love to see you at our Holiday Open House on Thursday, December 3rd.

Wishing you many happy moments in the upcoming weeks!

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