The Back Facial: Caring for What You Can’t Reach

Many people have a unique?skin care regimen down, particularly for the face. ?But?even the most skincare-conscious person is likely to meet challenges when it comes to keeping the rest of the skin clean and healthy, especially areas that are?tough to reach. ?That’s where the Glo de Vie Back Facial comes in.

“Back Facial” is certainly a contradiction in terms, but it gives the best impression of the back-focused aesthetic skin care treatment we offer here at Glo de Vie. ?It features similar steps of steam, extractions, cleansing and exfoliation?as the aesthetic treatments we offer for the face, as well as the light massage elements we also incorporate. ?The added benefit is that of?personalized attention to a part of the body none of us can really see close-up. ?Our trained Medical Aestheticians provide the same level of care for your back as they do for your face — and can help bring about the same improvements in clarity and texture?as you would receive from a traditional facial.

The Back Facial is an excellent treatment for men as well. ?One of our male clients reports more of a feeling of relaxation (and a greater likelihood of drifting into a nap) during a back facial than during a traditional facial. ?He, like many of us,?indicates a?tendency to carry greater tension in the back. ?And while standard massage might yield de-stressing benefits, the Back Facial incorporates product- and method-based skin care, to ensure the skin is in its healthiest condition.

We at Glo de Vie can help you look your best, front and back! ?Contact us at (919) 510-5919 to arrange a treatment.

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