The Benefits of “Boutique”

On our site, you’ve likely noticed the phrase “boutique med spa.” ?What, exactly, does this mean?

Per Merriam-Webster, one of the definitions of “boutique” is “a small company that offers highly specialized services or products.” ?In essence, “boutique” in a business context connotes services of?a high level of specialized experience, but also a sense of passion about the chosen field. ?We are all familiar with the economic benefits of buying local rather than going with a national chain: the choice supports local commerce and local neighbors. ?But there are more benefits to choosing a business that takes the “boutique” approach:

  • Creative Control. ?Here at Glo de Vie, because we exist independent of any larger chain, we retain control of the Glo de Vie Experience. ?Training, knowledge, and a passion to serve the Triangle area are the factors that determine your visit, from start to finish. ?Our Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Gallagher, is at the helm and oversees each decision. ?This enables us to offer…
  • Tailor-Made Services. ?Each of us is different in our personal beauty and our aesthetic goals. ?Because Glo de Vie is a privately owned and operated boutique med spa, we are not beholden to any arbitrary sales quota coming from a “home office.” ?Your happiness with your results are Priority One, and we will gladly recommend and perform only that which will best help you attain those results. ?And so, you can rely on us to make…
  • Recommendations You Can Trust. When we recommend products or services, be they with us or with another business, you can rest assured that the recommendations are based on personal experience with the product or business. ?We at Glo de Vie want to use what works best, and we know you do, too.??We don’t base our recommendations or advice on trends — unless they are effective.

At Glo de Vie, we value and nurture the direct connection we have to our clients, and we know there is no substitute. ?For more about?us, click on?The Glo de Vie Difference, or call us for a free consult: (919) 510-5919.

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