The Importance of Care Guidelines

Pre-Care Guidelines, Post-Care Guidelines, Contraindications, the Intake Form — what’s the big deal?

Good question! ?When you have a treatment here at Glo de Vie, we request and provide a fair bit of information. ?We swear that we’re not trying to undermine your spa zen. ?With guidelines and knowledge of your health background, we are working to calibrate the perfect treatment for you, while balancing safety with efficacy.

Our goal is to improve your skin, without causing it any undue stress. ?Our indication against sun exposure before and after laser treatments, for example, is a protective measure to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation or other sun-induced stress to sensitive post-treatment skin. ?And our guideline that you refrain from certain anti-inflammatory medications and supplements for several days prior to Juvederm helps reduce the?risk of bruising in the days following your treatment.

Exilis is another example: have you wondered about that question on our Intake Form regarding metal in your body? ?Because Exilis uses radio-frequency heat to tighten the skin and melt body fat, it is required for us to know the location and extent of any metal pins, screws, and other items in your body. ?Metal’s heat-conducting properties could draw heat away from the area where we are safely applying it, and concentrate it where it should not go. ?However,?please don’t let this deter you from being thoroughly honest with your Aesthetician. ?The presence of metal in the body?might mean that Exilis would not be a safe choice for you — or, depending on the size and location of the metal, you may still be a candidate.

We want you to be thrilled with the results from?our safe, effective?treatments. ?Our conversations about your health background, how to prep your skin for treatments, and how to care for it afterward, are an important component in helping us reach that mutual goal.

Do you have questions about the guidelines we give you? ?Whether on-site or at home, it’s always best to ask. ?We are easy to reach! ?(919) 510-5919.

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