Today’s Playlist: “Acoustic 2015”

We always have a great time selecting music for the spa. ?The collections usually come from our own music libraries, and we always aim to keep the musical atmosphere spirited but mellow.

The playlist at the spa today is “Acoustic 2015.” ?We compiled this playlist earlier this year, though the recordings are handpicked selections from approximately the past 10 years. ?We originally found all three of these artists on Pandora.

Acoustic 2015 features selections from several albums by harp guitarist Stephen Bennett. ?In addition to his original compositions, we’ve picked some of his Beatles covers, as well as his rendition of the Rohan theme from “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.” ?You can give it a listen here: ?Stephen Bennett, “Rohan Theme”

We’ve also featured the album “Adapt” by Trace Bundy. ?He’s an instrumental rock artist whose work has the ability to help the listener focus and re-energize. ?I’ve found it equally great accompaniment for chill time at home or for hiking outdoors. ?Here, Trace performs the song “Patanga”, with a brief and entertaining intro about the song’s title:?Trace Bundy, “Patanga”

Brooks Williams’ “Little Lion” album rounds out this playlist. ?Brooks’ background in rock and blues is evident in the rhythm throughout this album. ?Listen here for his cover of a Brazilian favorite:?Brooks Williams, “O Leaozinho”

Oh — there’s a wild-card selection in this playlist as well. ?Keep an ear out for British classical chorale ensemble Mediaeval Baebes, whose cover of a Simon and Garfunkel song is the only non-instrumental track on this playlist. ?Have a listen here:?Mediaeval Baebes, “Scarborough Fayre”

Stay tuned for more posts on the music we feature here at Glo de Vie. ?And if you have suggestions for music to add to our collection, please share them with us!

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