Which Laser is Best for You?

Here at Glo de Vie, we love having the opportunity to offer a wide variety of customizable treatments and plans. ?We have the treatments, and combinations thereof, to make your complexion look its most stunning.

With the extraordinary popularity in recent years of our Clear + Brilliant?mini-fraxel laser, and the re-introduction of our IPL?treatments, you might feel torn as to which will yield the results you want most. ?Let’s look at the options!

CHOOSE IPL IF… your main concern is selected regions of hyperpigmentation. ?Our Cutera laser, calibrated for IPL treatments, can spot-treat areas of dark pigmentation as well as blotchiness and vascular irregularities like spider veins or rosacea.

CHOOSE CLEAR + BRILLIANT IF… you wish to treat all of the skin in an area rather than a few selected regions. ?Our Clear + Brilliant mini-fraxel laser offers help for hyperpigmentation, as well as improved overall texture and tone.

AFTER-EFFECTS OF IPL INCLUDE… an initial and temporary darkening of the treated areas. ?But there’s no need for alarm: this is just the first stage of the post-treatment rejuvenation process. ?Eventually, the dark areas will feel a little grainy and gradually slough away on their own, revealing lighter and renewed skin tone where they used to be.

AFTER-EFFECTS OF CLEAR + BRILLIANT INCLUDE… a “sunburnt” feeling for about a day afterward. ?Slight redness might accompany the feeling. ?After this initial response, the skin will look initially unchanged, though the texture will be slightly rough. ?Over a span of five to seven days, the old skin will slough away on its own. ?The new, clear, rejuvenated skin will then be glowingly evident.

FOLLOW EACH OF THESE TREATMENTS WITH… sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! ?Preserve those beautiful results! ?Your Medical Aesthetician can help you choose the sunscreen that’s best for your needs.

Looking for more details on which treatments are just right for your unique skin? ?We can arrange a free consult for you! ?Call us at (919) 510-5919.

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