“Will They Stack” — The Next Chapter!

If you’ve been following our blog, you might remember a post called “Will They Stack?” ?In the post, we discussed some treatments that can be done back-to-back in the same day, and others that should be done on different days.

We always follow guidelines set by Nurse Practitioner Amanda Gallagher regarding the safety of when and how to book the treatments we provide, and we often double-check with her about the correct timing and pairing of these treatments. ?We are currently working with Amanda to compile an in-house reference guide that will help us to quickly look up the right time frames for each treatment as they relate to other treatments we offer. ?You can expect to see us consult this guide frequently as we help you plan your visit.

Our Guidelines will be a living document, one that we update as needed in accordance with any adaptations of the safety standards of our treatments.

OK, so what’s in there, anyway? ?Here are some examples of the facts we have at our fingertips:

  • INJECTABLES AND CHEMICAL PEELS? ?Our safety standards guide us to arrange these treatments on different days. ?Depending on the specific injectable and the specific peel, we can schedule your treatments from 1 day to 7 days apart.
  • CHEMICAL PEELS AND CLASSIC FACIAL? ?Here, there’s more flexibility. ?It’s OK to do a facial the same day as your peel; we will simply plan to perform your facial first. ?Or, if you’d rather, you can schedule them on different days with no necessary wait in between (the exception here is the Perfect Peel — because it takes 7 days for the Perfect Peel to achieve the desired result on the skin, it is best to schedule your facial 7 days after your Perfect Peel).
  • CLASSIC FACIAL AND EXILIS? ?Go for it! ?Depending on your schedule and preference, we can schedule these treatments back-to-back (with Exilis Eye, Face or Neck coming before the Facial) or on consecutive days.

Confused? ?It’s OK. ­čÖé ?When you think of a combination of treatments you’d like to try, we are happy to work with you to find the right times in your schedule, such that they can be performed safely and effectively. ?Call us to arrange a Free Consult and discuss the possibilities! ?(919) 510-5919.

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