Will They Stack?

We at Glo de Vie have the pleasure of offering a varied array of treatments to our clients. ?In many ways, our list of treatments covers what one might find at a day spa and a dermatologist’s office, but under one comfortably-appointed roof. ?And because of that variety, clients frequently wonder which treatments they can have back-to-back in a single visit — in other words, which treatments can be “stacked.”

One of the benefits of working within a small group is that we have a positive relationship with one another regardless of our daily role, so we can maintain the level of communication necessary to discuss questions like this in real time. ?So, when a treatment-stacking question arises, we can chat about it and have an answer to you quickly.

Following are some treatment combinations about which we are frequently asked, and our evaluation as to whether they can stack:

BOTOX AND JUVEDERM: OK to stack. ?Here at Glo de Vie, the areas that we address with Botox and with Juvederm are separate regions of the face, and use of one will not inhibit use of the other. ?Consider this a green light to treat yourself to your injectables spa day!

EXILIS EYES AND BOTOX: If treating the crows’ feet, it’s best to separate your Exilis Eyes and Botox appointments for different days. ?Our Nurse Practitioner will give the best guidance on this. ?Overall, it’s a good idea to have both in your beauty plan, though — these two treatments work synergistically to improve the look of the eye area, with Botox addressing muscles and Exilis Eyes addressing the skin’s collagen. ?We offer a more in-depth look in this blog post:?Exilis Eyes and Botox.

EXILIS MID-LOWER FACE AND LASER GENESIS: OK to stack — in fact, this is our October 2015 Beauty Boot Camp Special. ?Exilis and Laser Genesis both work to address the skin’s collagen. ?Laser Genesis has added benefits such as diminishing fine line wrinkles and pore appearance, and Exilis has a more pronounced effect on toning and tightening of the skin. ?How about adding Vibraderm to the Beauty Boot Camp Special? ?That gets a thumbs-up too, for the same reasons as Vibraderm and Laser Genesis:

VIBRADERM AND LASER GENESIS: OK to stack. ?This is a popular combination treatment because Vibraderm’s ability to exfoliate dead skin cells allows for 30% better penetration of the products and the laser treatment to follow. ?Vibraderm therefore safely enhances the benefits of the products and of Laser Genesis.

VIBRADERM AND CHEMICAL PEEL: Here, we do recommend speaking with your Medical Aesthetician first. ?Mechanical exfoliation combined with chemical exfoliation might be too aggressive for some clients’ skin. ?However, because each client is unique, we would book this treatment combination on a case-by-case basis, based on the assessment of your Medical Aesthetician.

Do you have questions about stacking other treatment combinations? ?Give us a call and we’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation for you with our Nurse Practitioner or one of our Medical Aestheticians. ?We are happy to help you?build?your perfect spa visit!

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