You Do You

There is wisdom to glean?from the changing seasons, particularly Spring. ?Each aspect of nature?plays its part in?a yearly performance of greening and blossoming, and leaves us marveling at the beauty of?the entire spectacle. ?We would never consider any part of it to fall short: to not be green enough or yellow enough or pink enough…

And yet it’s such an easy habit to turn a critical eye on our own beauty. ?Is that fair?

We appreciate the daffodil for being the daffodil; we don’t wistfully compare it to the azalea and wonder why they can’t be alike. ?We are not critical of the bluebird for not being yellow like?the goldfinch, for that matter. ?Not only is there room for each wonderful part of the scene; they are all essential to the wholeness of the scene.

We are part of this scene, too. ?And while seasonal change may be a part of life that we actively choose, it’s important to remember that each of us has a personal best that we can explore. ?Each of us has an imprint to leave on the scene, not as instinct or as a chore, but as an affirmation of ourselves and our gifts.

And it is entirely up to each of us what our own definitions of beauty will be.

Happy Spring to us!

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