Your Acne Scar Toolkit

Some scars can be a source of pride, a remembrance of a battle you’ve won. ?That said, no one wants reminders of their battle against acne. ?Scars from past acne breakouts can detract from an otherwise clear and luminous complexion.

What can be done to diminish the appearance of facial scars, such as those left behind by acne? ?Let’s look at the possibilities here at Glo de Vie:

  • LASER GENESIS. ?Also called our “Laser Facial,” Laser Genesis is a pain-free, downtime-free way to increase the skin’s collagen production, thereby fighting the appearance of scars. ?This relaxing treatment feels like the sun’s warmth on the skin. ?You can expect a rosy glow for about 45 minutes afterward, but no other signs that any treatment has been recently performed. ?With a series of Laser Genesis treatments, the scar-diminishing effect increases and improves. ?Adding Vibradermabrasion, a safe and effective exfoliator, helps the skin benefit even more effectively from Laser Genesis. ?More information here:?Laser Genesis at Glo de Vie
  • To address hyperpigmentation common with acne scars, we use the CLEAR + BRILLIANT MINI FRAXEL as well as THE PERFECT DERMA PEEL. ?The Clear + Brilliant Mini Fraxel, also called the Lunchtime Fraxel, promotes clarity by encouraging rejuvenation processes in the skin. ?After 24-48 hours of mild redness, the skin will self-exfoliate over a period of about a week, revealing healthier and clearer skin by the end of the process. ?The Perfect Derma Peel utilizes a combination of peeling agents and powerful antioxidants to reverse the activity of melanin in the skin, gradually changing dark pigmentation to light pigmentation. ?The peeling process also takes about 7 days. ?Your Medical Aesthetician can help guide you to choose the best treatment, and the number of treatments that will benefit you most. ?See more information here:?Clear + Brilliant at Glo de Vie?,?Perfect Derma Peel at Glo de Vie
  • JUVEDERM. ?How can Juvederm help with acne scarring? ?Facial fillers such as Juvederm can soften the look of deeper scars, smoothing tiny areas to make them less noticeable. ?Your results can last up to one year, at which time the injectable can be re-administered. ?Slight redness, swelling or bruising is possible after a Juvederm treatment; a chat with Nurse Practitioner Amanda Gallagher will help give insight on how to minimize these temporary effects. ?More details here:?Juvederm at Glo de Vie

And as always, we advise the daily use of a facial sunscreen to protect from sun damage and hyperpigmentation, helping to ensure your clearest complexion.

Which treatment, or combination of treatments, will yield the best results for you? ?Let’s schedule a consult! ?We can help you organize your Acne Scar Toolkit. ?Call us! ?(919) 510-5919.

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